I am committed to:

  • Student Achievement & Well-Being
  • Safe, Healthy, & Inclusive School Environments
  • Math & Literacy Programs
  • Support for Special Education & New Canadians
  • Effective use of Technology
  • Engaging & Empowering School Communities
  • High Standards of Governance, Transparency & Fiscal Responsibility
  • Being a Hardworking & Accessible Trustee, who attends meetings, stays connected, & responds in a timely manner

Every child deserves an advocate. Every parent deserves a voice. With respect for one another’s opinions, together we will build a stronger team to support children’s education and pave the road to success for their academic achievement.

I see the primary role of a trustee as follows:

  • Advocating for students, parents, and the community. Helping to identify, address, and seek resolution to education issues.
  • Engaging and working with the local school communities from identifying priorities to implementing policies.
  • Supporting the development of strategic multi-year plans and goals and annual budgets that reflect our vision and mission, and identified priorities as a school system.
  • Creating policies that promote student and system success.  As well as regularly evaluating the impact and effectiveness of these policies and making adjustments where necessary. Involving the local school communities at different points in the decision-making process and keeping them informed and engaged.
  • Developing the framework to allow for effective and transparent decision-making and good governance.
  • Communicating collectively with other levels of government to ensure those who influence funding, and other resources, hear the voice of the local community.
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